Our Technology

Hydrogen Energy Systems, LLC located in Akron, Ohio has invented technology that allows an internal combustion engine to run mechanically on 100% compressed hydrogen.  Our Hydrogen “Mixing Block”™, (U.S. and Mexico Patents), is a device that replaces the carburetor or electronic fuel injector, which delivers the exact mix of hydrogen and air to successfully and efficiently run small internal combustion engines.  With our mechanical approach, we have done what no other company has been able to do, which is develop hydrogen engine technology that is affordable to the masses.

Incorporating our Mixing Block™ with an Internal Combustion Engine offers the following:

  • Allows an Internal Combustion Engine to run on 100% Hydrogen, mechanically.  
  • Is cheaper to fuel
  • Provides compatible torque and engine performance
  • Transfers over multiple engine sizes
  • Is less expensive to manufacture and assemble
  • Significantly extends the life of an engine
  • Virtually eliminates the need to add or change the oil
  • Provides for near-zero/zero emissions of carbon and other greenhouse gases